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Our company takes your personal privacy seriously. This policy identifies which individual information we gather and how we use it.

Standard Collection of Information

All internet servers monitor important information regarding their site visitors. This data contains, but is not limited to, Internet protocol addresses, internet browser aspects, timestamps and referral web sites. These records cannot distinguish visitors to the site personally. The details are tracked for regular administration and maintenance reasons.

How We Use Cookies

As needed, we apply cookies to retain the specifics of a guest's preferences and history as a way to assist the customer and/or present the client with individualized content and articles.

Business partners and additional organizations can make use of cookies, programs and associated traffic monitoring systems to record visitors so as to display commercials in addition to other essential facts. This sort of tracking is undertaken specifically by the third parties by means of their particular computers and it's controlled by their own unique security policies.

Maintaining Your Level of Privacy

Note that you're able to set your web browser settings to disable cookies if you experience confidentiality fears. Limiting cookies entirely is not recommended as it can affect your access to many websites. The best option is to turn off or allow cookies on a site-by-site basis. Check out the web browser documentation for suggestions on how best prohibit cookies and other tracking solutions.

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Who Are We?

If you are internet shopping, you will find a huge number of ecommerce dealers and evidently it's hard to choose which is the best. Why then buy from our company?

Lets look at several factors. First, there's cost. We are affordable : just look at the prices shown and you'll notice the difference.

If you're concerned about online fraud, then that could be your next valid reason. You can actually pay for all the items you find on this website via Paypal, and that is just about the most secure payment method on-line.

Another justification to buy through us is the incredible range of items that you may buy. We are not just a average retailer, we work with eBay so that we can offer you a huge range of items.

If that doesn't convince you, then take into account our support guarantee, we promise to reply as soon as is possible to any troubles you might have.

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