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Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to Look Good In Photos

Everybody wants to look their best, if not good, in photos. Well, here are some tips for looking good in photographs:

look-good-in-photo.jpg 1. A genuine and honest smile is the simplest and the best way to look great in a photo. Whether you’re gathering with friends for a quick snapshot or sitting for a formal portrait, the secret is to be relaxed. Think of happy thoughts and trust the photographer to make you look good. Try to find a good reason to laugh. Remember, a genuine smile comes with a laugh that makes your eyes sparkle.

You can also practice your smile. Spend some time in front of the mirror. Find the smile that you love and try to remember how it feels so you can mimic the smile every time a camera appears.

2. Make sure you’re not a victim of any harsh, direct light. Direct light, especially from the sun, will force you into features and positions such as squinting which in pictures swallows up your smile or dipping your head which will give you a second chin. To avoid direct light, try to reposition yourself so that neither glare nor squint can sabotage your next photo.

3. Do not look straight at the camera. Learn to have your photo taken by looking slightly above the lens or by showing your good side (it’s usually the side where your hair parts). To create a more dynamic angle and to elongate your neck, try to lower your front shoulder slightly. Also, stick out your chin a little bit to prevent double chin.

4. Blink your eyes right before the camera clicks. This is to avoid getting caught in a blink or with your eyelids sagging like you’re beat. Blink encourages your eyes to be alert and communicative when the camera snaps the picture.